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Snack Bar  & Party Donations

Snack Bar

Hello Marlin Families!   Thank you for your support of our Swim Team Snack Bar, which not only feeds our hungry swimmers during home meets, but also raises valuable funds for us here at CTAP!  Below you will find the sign up for our Home Meet Snack Bar Donations.   We ask that ALL families donate an item to at least 2 home meets throughout the season.  There are a variety of options to fit the time and budgetary needs of different families.   Please deliver your items to the snack bar between 5:00 and 5:30pm on the day of the meet.   Thank you for making our CT snack bar the best in town!


Snack Bar Questions:

Q: How does the pizza donation work?

A: When you sign up to donate pizza, we ask that you bring $20 cash to the snack bar to cover the cost of our pizzas for that day.   This pays for the purchase of 2 Costco Pizzas, which will be ordered and picked up by our Snack Bar Super Volunteers.  Thank you!

Q: What is the best way to order Eegee's or Slice & Ice?

A: Iced treats are a summer Tucson favorite!   Eegee's has been a long-time summer staple at the CT snack bar.   However due to the increase in cost, we are offering families the option of ordering from Slice & Ice if preferred - both are delicious!

If you are ordering Eegee's, you may order in person or online at

Please order the 50 serving Party Pak in the flavor specified on your sign up.

If you are ordering from Slice & Ice, please order the 50 serving Ice Box in Strawberry Lemonade. More information is available on their website at

All orders should be delivered to the snack bar by 5pm on meet day.   Thank you!

Q: What if I need to change or cancel my sign up?

A: Sign-up Genius account holders should be able to log in to their account to change or cancel snack bar sign up items.   Otherwise, please email and we can adjust your sign up as needed.   Thank you!


Team Party Food Donations

CT welcomes all of our Marlins to a variety of team parties, including pot luck events, our Pre-Championships Pasta Night, and our End-of-Season family party! 

Please check back for more information on food assignments or sign ups.

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