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Swim Gear


For swim meet gear needs, info below. Though we recommend our team styled suit, it is not strictly enforced.

  1. Two Suits – 1 for practice and 1 for meets (at a minimum)

    1. Practice suit – any competitive suit, but no rec suits, boardshorts etc. Many swimmers have a few suits for practice although 1 will be fine for most swimmers. For boys/men, choose jammers or brief style suit. For girls/women, one-piece competition suit. For 9-18 age group, drag suit optional. Please ask a coach if they recommend a drag suit for your swimmer.

    2. Team suit (for Meets) – Locally, Champion Pool supplies our competition (meet) suits and they have our team-approved styles on file. To order, visit Champion's CTAP online store, visit in-person, or contact Champion Pool. Suits may be purchased from any retailer, but the suit needs to be the team style and color.

  2. Competitive goggles. Avoid store brand goggles (labeled “competitive”; brands to look for: Speedo, Tyr)

  3. Swim Caps are a must. (1) CT cap is provided to each registered swimmer.

  4. Towel, sunscreen, water bottle.

  5. Age 9-18 - short-blade fin. As-needed basis.

  6. Age 9-18 - pull buoy. As-needed basis.

  7. Closed-toed shoes for dryland activities such as warm-ups.

  8. Along with a swim cap, each swimmer will receive a team t-shirt, however extra team gear is available to outfit the family (or replace lost shirts). 


TIP: write your swimmers' name on their swim gear at the beginning of the season!

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