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Fall Swim 2023

This fall, CT will be running Fall Practice Sessions at the pool starting Tuesday, August 15th (Tues. & Thurs.) at 4:30p and 5:30p for 8 weeks of instruction, running through October 12th. There is some consideration to adjusting between one or two groups, but that depends on level of interest.

These practices are open to everyone ages generally 8 & Up while exceptions will be considered for approval. Older kids will generally swim in the second group, with the breakdown determined after we see which age kids are signed up.

Price structure is as follows; payment is up front for the 8-week session:

$180 for 2 times a week

$110.00 for 1 time a week

Members: Lifeguards have gone back to school, so we will have weekend afternoon/evening guards only. Friday evening guarding will depend on availability. On days when no lifeguard is present, Pima County rules state that swimming after dark is prohibited. We appreciate your compliance. The microburst caused tree damage- we have an arborist scheduled but, in the meantime, please help your kids avoid the taped off area.

Everyone: Community Meeting is Sunday, August 13th 4pm. Come and vote for three board candidates and pick up your swim team trophy/ ribbons and stay for a swim! An email ballot option will be sent so you can vote remotely. If you're unsure if you're on the mailing list, please subscribe here. Any questions? Email us.

Thanks, -The CT Board

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