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Swim Meets are Here!

It is our favorite time of year, swim meet season! It all begins next FRIDAY MAY 31 with our traditional season opener vs. the Northwest Gators at the Marana High School Pool.

This year we are asking ALL swimmers to RSVP either YES or NO to ALL events that they are eligible for. Your reply is important to our coaches as they prepare to enter our swimmers into all of our CT meets.

Answering "yes" confirms to our team that you have seen our messages about signing up, checked the calendar and meet location, and that your swimmer is ready to go! A "yes" response is also essential when our coaches are completing entries into Invitationals and Championships, as CT is required to pay a per-swimmer attendance fee for these events.

Answering "no" is just as important - this helps our coaches to make sure that your swimmer is not added into relays or events that would require on-deck cancellations. Non-attendance for a relay event doesn't just affect your swimmer - the entire relay team may have to cancel if another swimmer cannot be found to substitute. A response of "no" also lets us know that you've checked the calendar and location and know that you cannot attend - knowing who we should / should not expect at each meet is important to our coaches and our team, so please complete your RSVP either way!

If you need to change your response at any point, please contact us as soon as possible. Note: If a signup has officially closed, please contact our coaches directly to change your response at

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