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EGGstravaganza Event

Updated: Mar 29

March 30, 2p

We’ll be hosting a FREE fun family member event this Saturday at 2p (3/30/24) where kids can hunt for eggs, play and everyone can enjoy the pool. A lifeguard will be on-duty so remember the Pool Rules! Cash-in your egg collection for a selection of candy/treats. A few special lucky eggs will be very discreetly placed! Kids, bring your own basket, a pail for the water and of course sunscreen and towel! Stay awhile, make it a picnic. There will be a very special long-eared guest to make a brief appearance so be don't be late!

The pool temp is currently in the 78°-80­­° range so we'll be at our target (80°) temp by Saturday.

Free to members, non-members are welcome with $1./person. By sharing the beauty of what CT is all about, bring a friend or another family to become members! This will help everyone keep costs down and maintain the comforts of our mid-town desert oasis.

Spread the love of CT!

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