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Make Up Workday Saturday, April 6th

Updated: Apr 1


Who? This is mandatory for swim team families who could not make it to the 1st day, to come and get the property ready for the season.

Why? CT is a 100% community-driven all-volunteer organization. As such everyone must perform much of the work to keep a fully operational pool and facilities open.

How? CT Board members will be on the property to help facilitate from 7a-12p. We ask for at least 2hrs. in that window for projects on the property.

What? Projects vary from simple weeding and lawn care to bathroom cleaning, some carpentry, painting, and other needs. We have a few special projects listed below where we’re looking for volunteers ahead of time. If you could sign up for one of these projects, please email us!

Special Projects:

We will have some tools on-hand, but we always need additional tools to help get the jobs done. If you have any of these tools, please bring them labelled:

  • Wood Sanders

  • Ladders

  • Yard and landscape tools

  • Wheelbarrow

  • Shovel

  • Handtruck

  • Work gloves, eye/ear/breathing protection

  • Loppers/Pruning Tools

  • Weed wacker

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